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Vulfpeck : Joe Dart 's Isolated Bass Track On Beastly

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Je ne connaissais pas et je viens de me prendre une bonne grosse claque dans la gueule.

Merci pour la découverte... Et la claque. :)

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Joe Dart vient de donner quelques infos sur ces basses avec Vulfpeck :

Thank you! Here's a rundown of the basses I've used with Vulf:

My white jazz bass is a 90's mexican-made, with a badass bridge, seymour-duncan antiquity ii pickups, and some old rotosound swing 66 roundwounds. Jack's basses: natural wood bass has a ceramic MM pickup with thomastik flatwounds. p bass jr is stock with labella medium flats. 'Jamerson' p bass is a stock squier with foam mute and labella flats. And we've used a few MusicMan Sterlings and Stingrays.

C'est ici pour ceux que ça intéresse : https://www.reddit.com/r/Bass/comments/3x9fmv/ama_hi_im_joe_dart_bassist_in_vulfpeck_ask_me/

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