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  1. No, I was withdrawn from the sale, she's too good, but need money now...
  2. Fender american precision bass 2016. Virtually new, mint condition. 3.8 kg. Non original semihardcase. Fast neck, great player, this is a great piece! No trades. 900 euro shipped. Pictures:
  3. Fair..good luck with your is a nice bass
  4. If you change your mind about shipping, I would like to take it...
  5. This nice bass I will keep for some time. She is great player, and suits me in a band perfectly. So I recommend moderators to lock this Topic for good...
  6. Sold---Maruszczyk Elwood 4a "white rabbit". Glockenklang 2 band eq & Delano pickups. Aktive/pasive. As new, no scratches at all. Awesome player, supergroove bass. Gewa gigbag. 750 euro shipped. Pictures:
  7. Not at this moment, sorry, but will let you know, first... :-)