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  1. Un beau florilège dans cette série de videos
  2. Le même vendeur laisse une Stingray de 91 à un prix plus que correct https://www.zikinf.com/annonces/annonce-1734394
  3. modfather


    Une video bien sympa - comme toujours -de l'ami Rick BEATO sur un morceau un peu moins connu que Message in the Bottle - Murder by Numbers Co-écrit avec Andy Summers qui a ramené les accords et Sting a fait le reste...
  4. modfather


    Moi non plus je ne m'en sers pas mais un chevalet de MM sans étouffoirs j'ai l'impression qu'il manque quelque chose... un peu comme une jazz bass ou une PB sans pickguard
  5. modfather


    C'est le prix des étouffoirs...
  6. modfather


    @FunktString tu as pas vu celle-ci sur Zikinf ? elle me semble correspondre à ton cahier des charges - sauf que pas d'envoi mais elle est pas trop chère https://www.zikinf.com/annonces/annonce-1712477
  7. modfather


    Une nouvelle interview de Joe DART https://www.musicradar.com/amp/news/joe-dart-the-one-thing-you-absolutely-cant-skip-on-is-developing-great-time?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR1owpIjHR6-gVslxJBu0PRDcKZddtS3OgZenL2QXMNwgcjIjXe5SiqDd6M il y raconte l'histoire de sa sterling signature : copier/coller pour ceux qui ne voudraient pas lire tout l'itw : When did you switch to Ernie Ball? “What happened was that I played Stratton’s Music Man clone on a Vulfpeck track called ‘It Gets Funkier’. That was probably the best tone we ever got on a Vulfpeck track, and so after that we thought we should probably get the real thing. We borrowed a Stingray, we borrowed a Sterling Classic, and played those on a few Vulf tracks to great effect, but even then still didn’t own one until Ernie Ball reached out to me and said, ‘Hey, do you want to come demo some of these new basses we have?’ I flew out to San Luis Obispo, where I demoed some of the axes. I loved them, and they said, ‘If you want one, I think we can hook you up’. That’s how I got my first Ernie Ball axe, about three years ago.” Which leads us to your new Joe Dart signature bass, which sold out its 50-unit run really fast. “We became friends, me and the guys at Ernie Ball, and we were talking one day and they said, ‘We’d love to make you a custom bass if you’ve got any ideas for a unique instrument’. Stratton and I had been talking about that exact bass that I told you about that I played on ‘It Gets Funkier’, which was a cheap Music Man copy. Stratton and I said, ‘What if we could build one that felt and looked like that, except good?’ So we took that idea and ran with it. We brought them the copy and my Jazz bass, and we said, ‘Let’s make a hybrid of these two’.” Tell us about the spec. “It has one knob, one pickup, and it’s passive. The whole thing started out as Jack’s idea. He calls it the single-speed bass. Me and Jack both fell over when I took it out of the box, because they completely nailed it. It’s exactly what we envisioned, to a point where to see it in the real world, even right now, is pretty surreal. I’ve gotten a lot of great comments about it along the road. I took the prototype that we built out on a couple of tours, and it’s been funny to see people taking a closer look. “We wanted flatwounds that have a brightness to them and give you that really old-school disco tone. It’s a very sweet little axe. It’s very much my childhood dream. It’s cool to see something that’s only in your mind come into being and be a physical thing. The look of the one knob, one pickup, white on wood - I haven’t seen anything like it. We feel like we brought something new into the world.”
  8. il semblerait que ce soit le garde-corps du balcon d'où il est tombé qui a cédé... c'est vraiment trop con
  9. Pas besoin de grand chose pour un groove qui fume..peut-être une moustache ?
  10. Au bout d'un an ça me paraît chaud Primus quand même
  11. modfather

    R.I.P Dr. John

    Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas trop - émission spéciale la semaine dernière de Very Good Trip sur l'unique et inimitable Dr John https://www.franceinter.fr/emissions/very-good-trip/very-good-trip-12-juin-2019 Et oui forcément incontournable quand on aime le son de la Nouvelle Orléans et les Meters...
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