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Matériel volé des groupes anglais Silent Front et Bruxa Maria

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Je mets en copie ci-dessous le post Facebook du groupe anglais Silent Front. Alors qu'ils commençaient leur tournée avec le groupe Bruxa Maria fin janvier, ils ont eu un accident du côté de Beauvais, avec des blessés qui ont passé plusieurs jours à l'hôpital. L'épave de leur camion a été mise dans un lieu soi-disant protégé, mais ils se sont faits voler tout leur matos... Au cas où vous pensez voir des choses qui pourraient correspondre à leur matos sur le marché de l'occase, n'hésitez pas à les contacter !





As you may have heard, our driver Lee and Will from Bruxa Maria went out to France to salvage our gear following the crash, and it appears that it's all been stolen from the impound lot.

Please be on the look out for the following, particularly if you live in continental Europe.

There have been a few lists shared on social media so far listing the lost gear, but this is the ONLY complete one so if you are going to share, SHARE THIS ONE please. You will be doing us a massive favour if you do.


- Gibson Grabber - natural wood finish, heavily worn
- DeAramond JetStar - black, jazzmaster pick up in bridge, big chip on body by jack

- Boss Blues Driver
- Boss TU2 Tuner
- Boss Equalizer

- Marshall JMP 100W (1979), no badge, ripped tolex, "SILENT FRONT" sprayed in massive letters on back.
- Peavey Session Bass and flight case, "SILENT FRONT" sprayed in massive letters on side of case.

- Marhsall 4x12 with much ripped tolex and no badge, "SILENT FRONT" sprayed in massive letters on side of case.
- Marshall 8x10 with much ripped tolex

- Pearl Masters MMX drum shells (22" kick, 12" rack tom, 16" floor tom)
- Pearl tico torres signature 14" snare

- Zildjian A Custom 20" Medium Ride Cymbal, Brilliant Finish
- Zildjian 22" K Crash Ride Brilliant

- Iron Cobra Hi Hat Stand
- DW Cymbal Boom Stand
- Ludwig Boom Cymbal Stand
- Pearl Eliminator Kick Pedal, P 2000B
- Tama HS800W RoadPro Snare Stand
- Pearl D-1000N Roadster Drum Throne, Velvet Seat

- Pearl DBS01 Padded Drum Bags Rock Sizes
- Hardcase 14" Snare Case
- Hardcase HN9CYM22 22" Cymbal Case
- Hardcase HN36W Hardware Case
- Pearl PPBKCP5 Professional Drum Rug, 168cm x 137cm
- Baskey Large Long Drum Mat 2.4m x 1.66m


- Peli 1615 AIR case. New condition with a few stickers on front
- Diago PB02 Gigman Pedal Board
- Electrofaustus 'Drone Thing' EF109 (Top right pot missing)
- Moog Minifooger MF Ring MFS-RING-02
- BOSS PS2 Pitch Shift Delay (Discontinued, heavily worn paint)
- BOSS CH1 Chorus Pedal
- Mooer ShimVerb Digital Reverb Pedal MRV1
- WALDORF 2 Pole Analogue Filter
- Various cables, xlr, jacks, and 2 basic heavily used sm58 microphones
- 1970S HH BASS 100 AMP (discontinued)
- 1970S HH BASS 4X10 CABINET (discontinued)

- 1975(?) Gibson Grabber Bass Guitar, burgundy (in) Hiscox black Hard Case.
- Hartke 350 watt 'Transient Attack' in unknown brand metal flight case.
Pedal Bag: Sansamp Ampeg Emulator(?) in box, Boss Turbo Overdrive in box, Blackout Effectors F'xd Fuzz in box, Boss Chromatic Tuner, Boss Pitchshift/Delay in box, Boss Graphic Pedal, Moer Power Supply Daisy Chain, Mini Korg Monotron Delay Ribbon Synthesiser, various patch leads, Fender Guitar Leads, speaker connectors Speakon(?), Rotorsound Bass Guitar Strings (3-5 packs?)

- Antoria SG style 1976 left handed guitar
- Epiphone les paul jr style left handed guitar
- Hiwatt amplifier head lead 100 OL103 - Serial no. 16308

Black rectangular snare hardcase (covered in stickers) including inside:
1x brass snare
1x black stick bag w/vater power 3As inside
1x gooseneck mic extension
1x shure mic bag w/tools & bits inside (this might be in the kick pedal case)
1x black stick holder attachment

Black rectangular kick pedal fabric hardcase including inside:
2x single kick pedals (DW5000/DW7000)
2x beaters
2x brass bells
other random bits, screws/clamps etc

22" Black cymbal hardcase including inside:
22" Sabian China
22" Zildjian Power Ride
2x broken 20"/22" cymbals
1x 14" Paiste Heavy top hat
1x 13" Zildjian bottom hat (drilled)
1x small ice bell

1x Mapex heavyweight boom stand
1x Tama stool base
1x Tama stool seat



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