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Vds Ech Broughton Studio One preamp DI 1073


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Vds preamp DI Broughton Studio one dans sa boite, excellent état, velcro installé. 

Echange possible : Origin effects DCX bass + €

The Studio One authentically captures the character of the Neve 1073 console preamp. This high fidelity transistor preamp adds a touch of studio magic to your bass or guitar, without imposing ugly artifacts on your tone.

The gain knob provides up to 20 dB of boost.
The bass and treble shelving EQ provides 15 dB of boost or cut.
The mid EQ also gives 15 dB of boost or cut with a dedicated variable frequency knob. The frequency varies from 300 to 3k Hz.
The HPF cutoff frequency varies between 25 to 190 Hz.
The LPF cutoff frequency varies between 20k to 330 Hz.
The master knob controls the volume of the 1/4" and XLR out.

The 1/4" unbalanced output can drive other pedals, preamps, instrument amps, and power amps. The XLR out can drive long cable lengths to feed a console or mixing board.

The soft touch bypass switch controls a relay. When bypassed, the input signal is buffered and sent to the 1/4" and XLR out, with no signal processing. When active, the outputs are both affected by the gain, EQ, filters, and master volume.

The ground lift switch allows the ground to be connected or removed from pin 1 of the XLR.

The Studio One requires a regulated DC power supply. The voltage must be no less than 9 volts and no greater than 18 volts. The supply must be rated for at least 200 mA. The supply must use a 2.1mm barrel connector with center-negative polarity. You should choose a supply that is intended to be used for musical devices to ensure it will be low noise. There is no difference in performance when using 18V compared to 9V.

Dimensions: 4.77" long x 3.6" wide


PRIX : 450 €

Edit Prix 425 €



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