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  1. Friend of mine in England posted about his modded PB-50 today.Now on version 3 with Herrick pickups. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/319730-hb-pb-50-modded-version-30/ I must say it looks fantastic, hope he some audio soon. Link now has audio with Herrick Neodymium pickup and YT video has been uploaded of the PB-50 fitted with Herrick AlNiCo5 pickup.
  2. Envie De...Vigier?

    I finally joined the ranks of Vigier owners yesterday. Only took me 30 something years Lovely burgundy Passion III from 1996. This Scotsman is happy to celebrate the "Auld Alliance"
  3. They hold their value well. I bought 1 for £76 and sold it 3 years later for £76
  4. Le Peavey Club

    If you only want more control of mids save time,money and hassle. Buy 30 euro Caline or Artec 10 band EQ pedal. For more than 1 setting buy 2 pedals
  5. In the 3 weeks since I signed on this forum I have found many topics of interest. Peavey,Tune,Danelectro and now the Harley Benton PB-50 4 years ago I was unaware of Thomann and when I saw the PB-50 I just wondered what £72 brings these days so I bought one Could find no faults, the neck was very fine,good weight. D'Addario strings were not to my taste so Status Hot Wire nylon tapes were bought. My many Peaveys were neglected as the PB-50 saw more playing. Another was bought with either a toaster or mudbucker in mind, in the end a Peavey Super Ferrite took the place of the Wilkinson. TI jazz flats went on that one. Apart from the string changes and the Peavey pickup mine remain stock,even after 4 years. I don't play the " My PB-50 is better than ???? " game I just known these (now) 100 euro basses are a joy to play.
  6. I'm in Scotland and if there are 3 Vigiers here I would be surprised With no passport I must rely on sellers prepared to post. Colour unimportant . Straight neck important Thank you. Collected one in England this morning.
  7. Le Peavey Club

    4 + 1. Placing it before the Peavey logo only involves moving the string tree.This particular T40 was in a terrible state and I'd bought it only as a source for spare parts. A good friend and retired Peavey engineer had converted one of his to 5 strings and encouraged me to at least try the conversion first. I was concerned about the neck reacting with the added tension but even strung with La Bella Jamerson flats has been no trouble.
  8. Le Peavey Club

    Thanks for the kind words. The spacing is narrow, 15.5mm. The trouble is not the bridge plate, I could grind the sides of the mono saddles, the trouble is the T40 neck is only 60.5mm wide at the 20th fret. Going wider would risk E & G just covering the fretboard and no more. OK because I rarely play high up but it would spoil the look.
  9. Peavey T40

    I will keep my eye on the market and send alerts to any I find. I'm afraid the last 3 rosewood board T40s I've saw all had black bodies. Suspect it's the same 2 basses just changing hands .
  10. Le Peavey Club

    It's easy to answer. When I bought my 1st, Peaveys were cheap. I was looking for different combinations, Foundation with ferrite strung with flatwound compared to soapbar Foundation with flatwound. At 70 to 120 euro each it was quite painless and I planned on selling when I found the right combination. Pretty soon I was trying all the different models I could find, and normally buying them too. I woke up one morning to discover I owned at least one of every model released The great thing is over the years I've made contact with many Peavey players and Peavey employees. Regarding T40 weight my lightest is one I comverted to 5 strings,about 4.5Kg. In later years the T40 designer Chip Todd would carve out the back of T60s to lighten them for clients.
  11. Le Peavey Club

    I couldn't fit any more Peaveys in that photo The numbers reached 53 but as of 9am this morning I'm down to 52.
  12. Le Peavey Club

    First time on "onlybass" and it's good to see there is a Peavey club Some think I'm the curator of a Peavey museum in Scotland but that sounds like work, owning Peaveys is too much fun for it to be a job. Here are some of my clan
  13. Tune Maniacs Club

    I have just joined the forum so would like to proudly display my 3 Tune basses. 1990 Bass Maniac, piezo fretless Bass Maniac and Korean TWB-4Z