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  1. If anybody is buying a PB-50 with the intention of modding it to look like this. .Check under the pickguard first. I found this lurking under mine. The method of running the pickup wire has changed, two holes are now drilled from the top in the control and angled diagonally into pickup and control cavities. This change seems to have started with the 2018 batch. Not a problem if you keep the scratchplate a refinish if you want to ditch the plate. Another PB-50 owner contacted me today reporting the same hole
  2. The pocket is 63.5mm wide, 95mm long and 20mm deep.
  3. @ 200Hz It does not matter the sound, the magnetic field is much larger than the poles. Purely a visual thing and fairly common on Fender PJs. I have a B-stock so it was not really relevent posting a photo. When I saw it I went to visit a friend who owns the new red model. He reported no problems. I'll be honest talking about a b-stock instrument is hardly fair.
  4. I think going with the Wilkinson is a good idea. I ordered anothe PB-50 last week and the bridge has changed. The one I posted last month had a QC date of 23/11/17 and arrived with an 80mm wide bridge. The PB-50 that arrived on Friday has a QC date 05/01/18 and has a 86mm wide Hi Mass bridge. This change to a wider bridge sends the string/ pickup pole alignment out of kilter.
  5. kodiakblair

    P51' Lounge

    I missed one Took delivery of a Bloodstone Precision 51 Stagger today. It's ALNICO 5 with 7.83 resistance. http://www.bloodstoneguitarworks.com/shop/bass-pickups When I get it fitted I'll report back my thoughts
  6. It was very common in the UK for people to order a PB-50 with the intent of adding the SD pickup. Was the SD pickup an improvement on the previous Wilkinson ? My friend in Kenya received his 50 with the SD fitted so I sent him a spare Wilkinson. After hearing the clips he recorded very few went ahead with the SD swap I have another PB-50 ordered,this time it will get a re-finish. Time scale is planned for 1 month.
  7. kodiakblair

    P51' Lounge

    Nice one That's an option I was unaware of. Hepcat pickups have been added to my saved bookmarks.
  8. kodiakblair

    P51' Lounge

    Plenty of options. Aside from Seymour Duncan offering there are these from Bare Knuckle https://www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk/pickups/p-bass Haeussel http://www.haeussel.com/index.php?id=23&L=1\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' onfocus%3DblurLink(this)%3B&tt_products[cat]=13&tt_products[product]=58&cHash=b861337c1bd755a6723800aa516cf53a Jess Loureiro http://jlguitars.eu/shop/index.php?id_category=15&controller=category&id_lang=1 Sentell http://sentellpickups.net/bass.html and 2 great pickups from Martin Herrick https://www.herrickpickups.com/products/tele-51-bass-single-coil/
  9. @finger iguana The process is called "Foto Flame. Very common on Fender Japan guitars & basses.
  10. I delayed for a month,waiting on photos of the fiesta red. Last week I painted the PB-50 fiesta red in Photoshop. 5 minutes later I ordered the sunburst from Thomann
  11. I'd like to leave the guard and bridge off. Trouble is a bass like that must look worn in. This looks too fresh I think.
  12. Thought I would share these pictures of my latest PB-50 On Sunday I reshaped the headstock to a Tele shape, changed the bridge for a 2 saddle string through body and swapped the pickup to a Herrick Tele '51' AINICo5. Strings were changed to La Bella tapes. Black scratchplate made the bass look too dark so went for white instead. It plays and sounds fantastic but I must stress this fact. These changes were realy only made for visuals. Out of the box nothing was faulty or poor quality with the PB-50
  13. kodiakblair

    Micro et repose pouce PB modele 50

    If it's any help. I had no trouble anchoring my thumb on the pickup this afternoon. This bass is breaking my heart I bought it to re-model into a more 50's style. 2 saddle string through body bridge has been purchased, string ferrules too. There's a handwound Herrick pickup waiting to be fitted. It could be great Trouble is, this bass plays great as it is. The set up out the box was really good and I'm impressed with the new Roswell pickup too. Doing the re-modelling could ruin a very nice bass
  14. kodiakblair

    Micro et repose pouce PB modele 50

    @ jerome18340 There's a technical playing called "floating thumb". You'll never need a thumb rest if you follow it. Regarding the Harley Benton PB-50. Wonderful bass I recently bought my 4th. It's great to know Thomann now cater to left handed players. It's long overdue.
  15. PB-50 from 2014. 1st fret 43mm wide. 21mm thick 12th fret 57mm wide 24mm thick PB-50 from 2018 1st fret 43mm wide 21mm thick 12th fret 57mm wide 24mm thick Too much time has passed to compare from memory the Wilkinson pickup to the Roswell pickup. I have owned 4 of these basses, latest one arrived today. Fret work is good, finish is good. Very happy with the standard of product. In regard to your question on another post regarding Thumbrest and pickup, if you play using the " floating thumb" technique there will be no need to anchor your thumb on either.