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  1. kodiakblair


    There is something comforting about playing a Wishbass. A neck shaped by hand using a spoke shave feels totally different to one cut by machine. Wishbass necks are very thick and wide, 34mm deep/44mm wide at the nut in not uncommon. That should be far too much but I've heard no complaints from anyone once they played either of mine. Definitely 2 basses I'm glad to own.
  2. kodiakblair

    Le Peavey Club

  3. I've never experienced that with any of the 5 I have owned, was it left in sunlight ? Peavey basses with 1 ply pickguards are known to distort,perhaps it is the nature of 1 ply.
  4. This has taken much longer than expected. 2 attempts at Paisely print went wrong,then the paint had a reaction. The answer was sand to wood each time. In the end I will be surrendered and applied to "skin" from https://axedecals.com/shop/ , another will be ordered for the back then I will varnish. Only new parts were 2 saddle bridge, string bushings and Bloodstone P-bass 51 pickups. Excuse the poor photographer, the light here is bad. All the sanding and the change of bridge resulting in the saddle bridge being lower than original. Neck pocket cut deeper to compensate. Action on E & G 1.5mm at 17th freight, A & D 1.75mm Intonation is very good, 2 saddle bridge is never 100%.
  5. kodiakblair

    Corps et micro Harley Benton PB 50

    Small differences between machined items are common,even with today's computer control. The sizes I gave were from a bass built November last year but I imagine if I removed the neck and measured my PB-50 built in 2014 it would read different.
  6. I just use the Mike Dirnt. Page 5 of this PDF. Uploaded to my Google Drive. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aWFqwTMMf1Gz_qA_V0kKF7jCe9dBNh4s Make certain you print at 100% scale. I have cut MDF templates with pegs for the tuners and sometimes on vinyl floor tile. Here is a link to the thread on Basschat I made about the headstock re-shape. Sorry it's written in English but the pictures should help explain. There are pictures of both the MDF and vinyl. If you would like any points clarified I am happy to help. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/321909-pb-50-headstock-re-shape/
  7. A friend in Holland just received his fiery red left hand PB-50. No stupid hole for pickup wire Hopefully only right hand models get the hole. Our left handed brothers have been overlooked too long so deserve better treatment.
  8. If anybody is buying a PB-50 with the intention of modding it to look like this. .Check under the pickguard first. I found this lurking under mine. The method of running the pickup wire has changed, two holes are now drilled from the top in the control and angled diagonally into pickup and control cavities. This change seems to have started with the 2018 batch. Not a problem if you keep the scratchplate a refinish if you want to ditch the plate. Another PB-50 owner contacted me today reporting the same hole
  9. The pocket is 63.5mm wide, 95mm long and 20mm deep.
  10. @ 200Hz It does not matter the sound, the magnetic field is much larger than the poles. Purely a visual thing and fairly common on Fender PJs. I have a B-stock so it was not really relevent posting a photo. When I saw it I went to visit a friend who owns the new red model. He reported no problems. I'll be honest talking about a b-stock instrument is hardly fair.
  11. I think going with the Wilkinson is a good idea. I ordered anothe PB-50 last week and the bridge has changed. The one I posted last month had a QC date of 23/11/17 and arrived with an 80mm wide bridge. The PB-50 that arrived on Friday has a QC date 05/01/18 and has a 86mm wide Hi Mass bridge. This change to a wider bridge sends the string/ pickup pole alignment out of kilter.
  12. kodiakblair

    P51' Lounge

    I missed one Took delivery of a Bloodstone Precision 51 Stagger today. It's ALNICO 5 with 7.83 resistance. http://www.bloodstoneguitarworks.com/shop/bass-pickups When I get it fitted I'll report back my thoughts
  13. It was very common in the UK for people to order a PB-50 with the intent of adding the SD pickup. Was the SD pickup an improvement on the previous Wilkinson ? My friend in Kenya received his 50 with the SD fitted so I sent him a spare Wilkinson. After hearing the clips he recorded very few went ahead with the SD swap I have another PB-50 ordered,this time it will get a re-finish. Time scale is planned for 1 month.
  14. kodiakblair

    P51' Lounge

    Nice one That's an option I was unaware of. Hepcat pickups have been added to my saved bookmarks.
  15. kodiakblair

    P51' Lounge

    Plenty of options. Aside from Seymour Duncan offering there are these from Bare Knuckle https://www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk/pickups/p-bass Haeussel http://www.haeussel.com/index.php?id=23&L=1\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' onfocus%3DblurLink(this)%3B&tt_products[cat]=13&tt_products[product]=58&cHash=b861337c1bd755a6723800aa516cf53a Jess Loureiro http://jlguitars.eu/shop/index.php?id_category=15&controller=category&id_lang=1 Sentell http://sentellpickups.net/bass.html and 2 great pickups from Martin Herrick https://www.herrickpickups.com/products/tele-51-bass-single-coil/