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  1. I wanted to full Trade/Sale, sorry. No, it's still for sale AND trade. Thanks for pointing that out
  2. 2800 EUR (i bought it on bassic.ch for this price) The Price IS Negotiable Cheers
  3. Hey everyone! I want to sell/trade my Roscoe LG 3006 Custom. Simply said : an amazing souding, boutique USA made bass. Probably no introduction needed... Trade against 4,5,6 string high end basses or Aguilar 112SL cabinets in mint shape. Try me Made in USA Swamp Ash body Buckeye Burl top Natural gloss finish Aguilar DCB-D4 humbuckers Maple/Purpleheart Neck Fingerboard : Birdseye maple Aguilar DCB-D4 humbuckers Aguilar OBP-3 preamp Weight: 4kg on my kitchen scale (amazingly light for a 6 string) Bass is located in Zürich area, test play is no problem Sending to EU is also no problem since i can send it from Germany to avoid any unwanted fees. PRICE: 2800 EUR or make me an offer Link to the photos For any questions - don't hesitate to ask.
  4. Hello everyone I want to sell/trade one of my best basses i ever owned (and i have had quite a few) Lakland 55 94 Deluxe with beautiful flamed maple top. It is the model with Bartolini Pickups and Electronic which to me sound superior to the new ones (I owned also a newer 55 94 and the difference is a day and night). The Bass is in very good condition - just a light marks. In my opinion - even before me it wasn't much played. It never left my home since i own it. (No animals, no smoking home) The Bass really sounds fantastic and is seriously versatile since the Musicman pickup is splittable to outter and inner single coil - J Bass sound possible. Great B string (of course - it's Lakland). Weight : 4.2 kg on a (kitchen scale) It comes with an original Lakland Case. Trade is possible against other high end Bass or against Aguilar 112 Cabinets in a great shape... If you have any questions, feel free to ask Link to the Photos :) Price 2400 EUR Cheers
  5. Unfortunatelly i don’t have time at the moment to do some. But the bass sounds killer and very balanced. A little more on the modern side...
  6. That's true! Amazing instruments in every aspect. Tino knows what he is doing for sure! They are expensive but as you play one, you get an idea why
  7. I am Selling my Tino Tedesco 5-21. Amazing sound, perfect construction, a joy to play, very balanced, direct sound with a very very good B String that shakes walls. NO Dings or Dongs, you have to search for the scratches to find one. The Bass is practically MINT. Very light and resonant! Maple neck (GRAPHITE REINFORCED - for extra stability) Maple Fretboard Alder Body (my opinion) 35" Scale C shape neck, Nut Width 1 7/8" Hipshot Black Hardware Aguilar OBP 1 Preamp (18V) mit extra Passive Tone Control und Passive Active push/pull Basslines (Seymour Duncan) Pickups in 60s positions ONLY 3.6 kg!!!! INCLUDING CASE Bass is located in Zürich area, test play is no problem. Sending to EU is also no problem since i can send it from Germany to avoid any unwanted fees. (On your own risk - but i never had a problem until now) I speak German too THIS KIND OF BASS WOULD COST YOU NEW cca 3900 EUR. I AM MAYBE interested in a trade of some sort - try me. But please no lowballer offers . Thanks. For any questions - don't hesitate to ask. Cheers
  8. Thank you mate :))) You are kindly invited to come by ;)
  9. I am selling my Fodera Anthony Jackson 5. I got this Bass from an original owner who didn't play it much and the Bass reflects that. It is in great condition, no dings, dongs, you need to search for scratches if you want to find them. Everything works as it should, the frets are in a perfect condition, the neck bends flawlessly, all perfect...The Bass is a monster sounding an has the best B string i ever tried thanks to 35" scale.String spacing is adjustable between 18.5-19.5 mm (Standard Fodera spacing). The Pickups are, however not original. The original owner wanted to have Bartolinis inside at any cost so he did change them profesionally. Recently there was a check and setup made at a company which works for Thomann and everything was double checked and confirmed that no modifications were made to the bass (hole drilling, etc...). Everything is perfectly reversable. Original Pickups were Duncan Dual Coils which are not included (Sadly the original owner never asked for them) and the Bartolinis are a little smaller so the space between pickup and body which was left (Similar as Janek Gwizdala's current fodera - check his vlog videos and pay attention to his Aguilar DBC pickups size on his Fodera) was closed with an perfectly matched ebony - very professionally done (i repeat - no drilling, only double sided tape used). There was also a third mini Switch there (coil tap) which was profesionally removed (the hole was closed with Crotch Walnut) as the Bartolinis are obviously not splittable. Bass is located in Zürich area, test play is no problem and pickup would be preferred.Sending to EU is possible since i can send it from Germany to avoid any unwanted fees ( or of course meeting there : 79761 Waldshut-Tiengen). I speak German too. If you live in Germany, we can discuss about meeting somewhere too. Trade is possible with another high end Fodera (Maybe also Standard 5) or the right Ken Smith - try me The Bass Comes with Fodera case and tools. For any questions - don't hesitate to ask. Cheers Body : Alder Top : Crotch Walnut Fingerboard : Ebony with Block inlays Neck : 3 Piece Maple with (Mahogany - not completely sure) tone block Electronic : 18V Mike Pope Hardware : Gold Scale : 35"
  10. Selling my American Deluxe FMT (Flamed Maple Top) Jazz Bass, made in USA. The bass is in "as new condition", mint and everything works as it should! Selling because i am downgrading my collection. Needless to say - this is, in my opinion, one of the best sounding Fender Basses i ever owned - and i did owned quite some Sound is what you expect from a Fender and the sustain is just unbelivable plus it looks just stunning. It wasn't much played - it spent most of the time in its case. On the back side there are still a protective stickers on. Comes with an original case. Bass is located in Zürich area, test play is no problem Sending to EU is also no problem since i can send it from Germany to avoid any unwanted fees. For any questions - don't hesitate to ask. - Premium alder body with bent, flamed maple top - Graphite reinforced maple neck with modern C shape and a satin polyurethane finish - Rosewood fretboard (9.5" radius) - 22 medium jumbo frets - 34" scale length - Gold-plated hardware - Deluxe gold-plated steel bridge - Gold-plated brass saddles - 2 dual-coil Samarium Cobalt Noiseless Jazz Bass pickups - Pan pot for pickup blending - Master volume and active 3-band EQ - Lite-Bass tuners For any questions - don't hesitate to ask. Cheers
  11. I am selling my Fender Jazz Bass 1964 Custom Shop NOS. It was made on 25.5.2016 (Certificate) and sounds as amazing a CS Fender should .I am a second owner and the Bass was well taken care of - since in my posession it never left a house. A Previous owner, however provided some scratches on the lacquer finish on the back of the body and on the upper side of the body (nothing serious - see photos) - otherwise, the bass is in a great, as new condition and will last a lilfetime. Or two, three... It comes with an original case, eye candy, certificate and accessories. Bass is located in Zürich area, test play is no problem Sending to EU is also no problem since i can send it from Germany to avoid any I speak German too For any questions - don't hesitate to ask. Price 2250 EUR (Shipping Included) https://photos.app.goo.gl/6zfETX7WvUbGQU8k1 Cheers
  12. Can someone explain me why is this STILL available? Never seen a custom shop at a better price. NO matter the year...
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